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About this Book

This is a textbook for the second year of a computer science or "media informatics" degree program. It builds on Web Development (in german) and runs parallel to Backend Development.

This book is not a self-contained work: There are great resources for learning about the tools and technologies of web engineering - this book tries to use these resources, and bind them together into a coherent study plan.

It was written and published by Brigitte Jellinek in the hope that it will be useful to lecturers and students in educational institutions as well as to self-directed learners on the internet.

What is Web Engineering

Under this title we collect all the stuff that does not fit neatly into "backend" or "frontend" development: workflows, tools, operations.



the editor vi, and how to get out of it

Using Public Key Cryptography

Git Basics

First Steps in git

Using Linux on Windows for Web Development

When using windows as your development machine you will need to install some extra tools


Git Branching and Merging

With branches you can work on two separate versions of your code in parallel. For example you can work on a new feature, but go back and fix an error in production in the middle of it. Git will help you keep your code sorted.

Git Rebasing

An important concept to avoid complex merges

Managing Dependencies


Automatic tests for your programs


Improve your code through simple refactoring steps

Tools for better code

Let these tools find problems in your code for you

Web Operations

Deploy to Paas

How to deploy your app to a PAAS - platform as a service.

Deploy a SPA

How to deploy your Single Page App



What is Web Engineering

Futher reading, stuff we want to cover later