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Test Driven Development

This guide will explain why you should write your tests before your code. By referring to this guide, you will be able to:

1 Test Driven Development (TDD)

1.1 what is "test first" ?

  1. write a test (it fails)
  2. write the implementation (test still fails)
  3. fix the implementation
  4. test passes: you're done!

1.2 what is "TDD" ?

  1. Q: what should the program do?
  2. A: integration test. (write it. it fails)
  3. Q: how should the program do it?
  4. A: unit test. (write it. it fails)
  5. implement the unit
  6. does the unit test pass? if not, got back to 5
  7. does the integration test pass? if not, go back to 3